DRF Technologies Pvt Ltd.

DRF Technologies is an authorized manufacturer’s Representatives/Distributors in India established in Association with DRF Technologies(S) Pte Ltd., Singapore in 2016. DRF Technologies also focusing on customization of RF & Microwave products both in Active & Passive components and Power supplies for various applications such as Industrial, Military and aerospace etc. DRF Technologies is having highly qualified engineering consultants network who are specialized in  design and development of high end RF & Microwave products and subsystems for various application such as Military , Aero Space etc.,also we have excellent design capabilities in the field of power solutions, our Power supply consulting group has designed up to 600 W multi output DC-DC converters for airborne application, our Team of consultants have designed High Power PIN Diode Switches, 6Channel Phase shifters, Diplexers, Switched Filter Banks etc., We have excellent sales network to address Hi-Rel markets and we work with our customers very closely to understand their requirements and provide optimum solutions with best competitive price and faster deliveries with very minimal NRE costs. We also represent some of the world’s best manufacturers for RF & Microwave, memories and Power Supplies in Indian Territory.