SPDT PIN Diode Swtich 20W CW Power

Model : DR-SPDT4450-20

Electrical Specifications

Parameters Specifications
Frequency Range 4.4-5GHz
Power handling 20W CW max
RF (in to out) RF to control
60 dB min
45 dB min
Insertion loss 1.2 dB max
Switching time
Ton -50% TTL to 90% of RF Voltage
Toff – 50% TTL to 10% of RF Voltage
100ns max
85ns max
Switching rate
2.0 MHz
VSWR (all conditions) 1.5:1 max
RF connectors SMA Female
Power Supply +5V@150mA max.;
-15V@30mA max.
Dimensions 44.6 X 25 X 10
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 deg C