Plasma Air Sterilizer

Wall Mount type: MSK-100

We are suffering from a huge socio-economic loss and emergence of novel viruses line COVID-19 which was first identified in Wuhan, a Chinese province, and is now spreading worldwide.

The impact is most severely felt in public and open spaces such as schools, churches, banks, hospitals and public transports where the virus can be transmitted to random people without being noticed. As this highlighted the need to disinfect viruses and bacteria in these places, uses of
facilities are extremely limited.

Our plasma air sterilizer is jointly developed by Plasma Bioscience Research Centre (PBRC) of
Kwangwoon University and Multi Solutions, South Korea. It kills germs and viruses on all surfaces
of public facilities as well as airborne viruses constantly giving back clean and fresh air.

DRF Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd is the authorized distributors in India.


Parameters Value
Product Dimensions 360mm X 220mm X 84mm
Weight Less than 5kg
Rated Voltage DC 12V (built-in power), AC 220V (Adapter)
Rated Voltage DC 7.2V (Auto recharging system)
Maximum Power < 30 W
Noise < 40 – 60 dB
Noise 33m Square – 82m Square
Warranty 1 year

How it works?

  • 1. Air flows in through antibacterial filter for initial purification.

  • 2. Plasma source generates high density active species oxygen and nitrogen.

  • 3. Fan blows out high density active species oxygen and nitrogen.

  • 4. UV Lamp removes pollutants.

Test Reports and Certifications

Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL)

Test Items Initial Concentration (CFL/ml) Concentration in 30 min (CFL/ml) Bacteria reduction rate (%)
Bacteria reduction rate (%) 1.8 x 104 <10 99.9
Surface Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial test 1.3 x 104 <10 99.9
Airborne E. coil antibacterial test 1.2 x 104 <10 99.9
Airborne Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial test 1.0 x 104 <10 99.9

How can it be used in public spaces?

Public Transport
Ambulances and other hospital vehicles